Guidelines and Entry Form

The City of McAllen, in partnership with the McAllen Chamber of Commerce, is proud to continue the tradition of honoring the dedication and invaluable contributions of administrative professionals with the Administrative Professional of the Year Award. This prestigious accolade will be presented at the 2024 Administrative Professionals' Day Luncheon Wednesday, April 24. The recipient of this award will receive a special gift during the event for his/her exemplary service.
Eligibility and Participation
Nominees and their nominators must attend the event to qualify for the award. This requirement fosters a sense of community and mutual appreciation among administrative professionals.
Nominee Qualifications
This award seeks to recognize an individual who exemplifies excellence in his/her professional role and embodies the spirit of community and collaboration. Nominees should be distinguished by their:
Outstanding Service: Demonstrating exceptional dedication and consistently delivering high-quality work
Superior Performance: Achieving and surpassing job responsibilities with notable efficiency and effectiveness
Integrity: Upholding honesty and strong moral principles in all professional activities
Positive Attitude: Maintaining a can-do spirit and contributing to a positive workplace atmosphere
Dedication: Showing unwavering commitment to the organization's goals and providing support to fellow employees
Impact: Making a positive difference in the workplace through proactive engagement and initiative
Eligibility Criteria
Currently employed as full-time administrative support staff and must have been in his/her current position for at least one year, demonstrating stability and dedication.
Award Criteria
* Exhibits pride in his/her work, delivering consistent excellence in his or her administrative role.
* Demonstrates exceptional skill and professionalism, often exceeding the call of duty to assist his/her team and company.
* Engages in company initiatives, contributing positively to the workplace culture.
3. Describe how the Nominee has demonstrated:
Let’s come together to celebrate the extraordinary contributions of administrative professionals to the success of their teams. Your nomination not only recognizes the achievements of these pivotal individuals but also highlights the essential role administrative professionals play in our community.